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Teen Curves - Big Ass Curvy Latina Mena Mason (8 min) 1

Teen Curves – Big Ass Curvy Latina Mena Mason (8 min)

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Teen Curves - Big Ass Curvy Latina Mena Mason (8 min) 2

Teen Curves – Big Ass Curvy Latina Mena Mason (8 min)

Hi before I start this story off I want to just say something This is my second story my first story wasn't that good but I tried so I am gonna try again leave good responses and I may just keep writing this story

Jamie quietly walked through the streets shrugging his backpack onto his shoulder Jamie was and average 16 year old skinny and tall well unlike most 16 year olds he was about 5'9 he had hit a growth spurt not to long ago and it had just recently stopped he was quiet and shy most of the time but he would talk to friends and such most people just ignored him but enough about his day to day life lets get back to Jamie presently Jamie quietly walked shrugging his backpack back on his shoulder he let out a long sigh as he walked through the cold rain he stopped by a dark ally and looked into it he thought he had seen red eyes staring back at him he just shook his head and turned and continued to walk before pulling his hood over his head he looked around from under the hood as he walked before tripping on something and falling face first into the sidewalk he groaned in pain and rolled on his back feeling the blood rush down his nose “Oh son of a bitch that hurts” he said then stood up holding his nose he started walking again before stopping seeing a pair of red eyes in front of him not to far down the street he tilted his head ” hey who the hells down there?! this isn't funny!” he then started backing up only to back into what felt like a person he quickly jumped forward and spun around panting heavily he didn't see anybody or anything “What the hell someone is playing mind games on me” he said then turned and started running down the street as quick as he could panting heavily before seeing a shortcut ahead he went to turn down it but slid to a stop a few feet away from a female about 42 she was about '61 and another female about 25 that was about '60 he gulped and looked at their eyes both bright red he watched them “Uh hello nice night we are having” he said giving a nervous chuckle watching them they said nothing and started moving towards him he turned to run but the older female was in front of him before he could even get out of the ally his eyes went wide and he was grabbed she turned him around to were his back was to her chest her hand covers his mouth and also exposes his neck to the younger female he struggled to get away from them but they were stronger than him easy he shut his eyes tight and bit his lip and continued to struggle screaming at the top of his lungs but it was muffled by the females hand his eyes then went wide as the youngest female licked his neck then sunk her fangs deep into his neck he yelled out in pain but it muffled he started to struggle harder but to no avail

While the female fed on him the oldest female just laughed at Jamie struggling he had clenched his fist tight around her arm and tried to pull it off of his mouth but he had no luck he was tired for some reason but he continued to struggle until he passed out and went limp in her arms when he awoke he was chained to a brick wall in what looked like an old warehouse he groaned and struggled to lift his head up and look around his eyes quickly went wide and he gasped quickly as he saw the females sitting across from him in wooden chairs staring at them he went to speak but it was muffled by a gag he tilted his head and slowly stood up straight watching them as the stood up and walked over to him he could see them clearly now they were both taller than him they wore tight outfits that squeezed the asses and their boobs they both had very nice boobs the youngest female was a 36 DD the oldest female had a 34 E Jamie had never seen breasts so big before but he quickly came back to attention after he hard a deep growl his eyes quickly went up to the females faces there fangs were showing as they watched him he quickly put his head to the wall as they closer to him close enough he could smell their intoxicating perfume he struggled a little bit as he looked at them the fear clear in his eyes these two goddesses of women were going to kill him (or so he thought) Jamie continued to struggle for a few more moments before giving up and letting his head hang down the females only laughed and picked his head up before turning it to the side the oldest female sunk her fangs into his neck and he let out a loud scream that was muffled by the gag his fist was clenched white knuckle tight now as he was being fed from by this woman after a few minutes she let him go he was a little pale but still awake he looked at them and shut his eyes as like saying end it all ready but he heard something that made him open his eyes

The youngest female had started to unzip his pants he jumped in surprise when he saw what she was doing he tilted his head a little then looked at the oldest female who was waiting to see what he had in store for the females when his pants were unzipped his soft cock fell through the hole and the women both let out a surprised gasp he had a long cock even on soft it was about 8 inches they looked up at him and an evil grin crept over their faces this was going to be hell one of the females then grabbed his soft member and started to jerk it off he leaned his head back and groaned through the gag the other then took off the gag and he took a breath and looked at them the look on their faces kept him from screaming out “Who the hell are you?” he asked but didn't get a reply he clenched his fist and let out another groan as the female stuck the head of his cock in her mouth he leaned his head back against the wall as she started to suck on it which it quickly got hard and was at its full size of 12 inches it was long and thick about 2 inches thick they unbuttoned his pants and nearly tore them off of him the female stood up and looked at the older female with a large smile on her face the older female just smiled back Jamie just leaned against the wall with his cock rock hard he looked at them some of his hair falling into his eyes the oldest female put her hand out and pushed the hair out of his eyes before getting on her knees and taking his cock into her mouth he let out a long groan as she started to suck his cock his eyes rolled into the back of his head from the pleasure he was feeling right now as she sucked him off after a few minutes he was close to coming the female sensed it and pulled away and looked up at him then waited a few seconds before going back to sucking him off she did the same thing about 5 more times before letting him come in her mouth he let out a long groan of pleasure and clenched his fist tightly as she swallowed every bit of his thick cum after he finished he went limp and passed out not sure what would happen in the up coming weeks but for now he was a happy boy

OK if you liked the story let me know if you have any suggestions PM me if you don't like it don't troll it you like it you are welcome to say something, xvideos8.info.

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